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Today, I'd Like to Welcome Angela Cameron

Angela Cameron is a fellow Drollerie Press author. She has been kind enough to stop by today and tell us a bit about herself and her writing. We also have an interview with one of her characters, Torin.


I’m so glad to be guest blogging today on N.D.’s blog as part of the Drollerie Press Blog Tour. This is so exciting for me because it’s my first guest blog.

Being my first attempt, I wracked my tiny brain for a while to try and come up with something quirky to write, and then a friend (another author) suggested that I interview one of the characters from my Drollerie Press book, Nocturne. I thought the idea was brilliant. So, I’m including the interview below, but consider this your official SPOILER warning!

I hope that you’ll take the time to stop by my blog at to check out my romance and paranormal works, read other interviews, and meet the guests on my blog. If you like free stuff, you might even want to register for one of my contests.

Hope to see you there!

Angela Cameron


Interview with Torin
Character in the novella Nocturne

I was a little nervous about interviewing Torin. I really hadn’t spent much time with him and something about the way he looked at me—or through me—when we had been together made me nervous. So, when he asked me to meet him on the playground of the elementary school just before midnight, I had this sudden notion to cancel the interview.

But I work through my fears and go to the playground, as he’d asked, on what happens to be the first full moon of the month. I sit on one of the swings, too scared to actually move the thing because the squeaking sound might allow him to sneak up on me.

“I’m surprised you came,” is the first thing I hear. The voice is right behind me. He’d snuck up on me anyway.

Angela: Why?

Torin: It isn’t exactly a brilliant move to meet me in a secluded place. Alone. In the middle of the night.

A: You’re not going to kill me.

T: How do you know?

A: You like me too much?

T: (He laughs and the sound is almost musical) You have your uses.
(Then he’s in front of me, dressed in a suit that must have cost a small fortune. His dark hair and goatee are neat as ever) Ask your questions. I have other business tonight.

A: Did you plan to turn Aly?

T: (He stares at me, then turns his face toward the moon.) An easier question didn’t seem like a good start?

A: I thought you were in a hurry.

T: Point taken.

A: So…

T: The thought crossed my mind the first time I saw her, but I didn’t decide to do it until there were no other options.

A: Are you glad that you did it?

T: I’m glad that she survived, but I regret the circumstances.

A: Don’t you think that Wil is going to have a hard time letting her go with you?

T: (His face is different. Harder.) The wolf has a hard time accepting everything. I don’t expect this to be any different.

A: Is she going to live with you?

T: I don’t have an answer to that question. That is her decision.

A: But you want her to.

T: While I have enjoyed this little chat, it’s time for me to go.

A: Why don’t you answer the question?

T: Because it doesn’t matter what I want.

A: (Torin points toward my car and I glance in that direction.) What?

I turn back, but he’s already gone.

Thank you so much for visiting, Angela! Hope to see you again soon.

Cheers and best wishes,


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OpenID hyperbard said...

Hey, Angie! I'm intrigued by the contest idea; your site's bookmarked certainly.


PS I've never done a "guest blogger" either:)

7:47 PM  
Blogger Angela Cameron said...

Thanks so much for having me. This has been such fun!

Jess - Thanks. I love the contests. Who doesn't like free stuff? :o)


7:54 AM  
OpenID annathepiper said...

Yay for the first of the characters showing up in the posts! Nice touch, Angela. :)

8:21 PM  

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