Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Finished another one! Now...author of 23 Fantasy, SF, Horror Novels!!!

Good morning, World!
I've finished another novel, newly named 'Grey Beginnings'. As soon as I've proofed it a little (in a few weeks), I'll post some of it online here.
I'm already at work on novels 24 and 25. Twenty-four is the third member of The Elf Chronicles, and 25 is about a team of archaeologists. I may set this one in New Zealand, because then I can submit the finished draft to some of the local motion picture production companies. Elf is being submitted shortly, when I have time to cut back the screenplay a little.
Good news from the company producing my 6 X 9 novels: for the month of March, there is a free option for international shipping! You can find these titles at http://www.lulu.com/NDHansen-Hill
Good news on the painting front, too. I have two exhibitions and two commissions coming up. In the commission department, I have requests for mermaids and cobras. I enjoy doing both, so it should be fun (if and when I can find time!).
I'm having a great time at Uni. Should be finishing my MSc in virology some time this year, but in the meanwhile I'm taking classes in ancient Egyptian history, archaeology, and film, along with a 'Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Teaching'. At the end of this year I'll either be very well-educated, or braindead.
Back to work! You can find long excerpts from each of my print novels. Please be sure to read before you buy! No dissatisfied customers allowed!

N. D. Hansen-Hill
Author of 23 Fantasy, SF, Horror Novels!