Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Busy times on the writing front...

I've been lucky enough to contract ErRatic to Five Star. I'm working on rewrites for them now, along with a rough first draft for Linden Bay Romance. LBR published by novel, In Trysts, 1 December 2006, and the sequel, In Flames, is the one I'm working on now. Phew!

I've begun painting again. I'll have one finished today, and it's really thrilling! I've been 'blocked' at the easel for months now, which may be because I've been too busy writing. One seems to rob the other, so perhaps both things come from the same side of the brain...and my brain gets a little tired sometimes!

I did a book trailer last week for a friend's website (www.janebeckenham.com). I don't know whether Jane has it posted yet, so here's the link: http://flash-movies.toufee.com/mov/36371169692268 . I did one first for In Trysts, which is very dark and mysterious. Other than the fact that they haven't any sound (as yet), I'm rather proud of these first attempts (In Trysts is at http://flash-movies.toufee.com/mov/32861168994619).

I'm not posting excerpts today - too busy. You can always find them at my websites, though. I have over 20 excerpts at www.NDHansen-Hill.com, including a few rough chapters from ErRatic, and In Trysts is over at http://MelodyKnight.com. Be warned that the In Trysts excerpt is R17!

Cheers and best wishes,

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