Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Exciting news! GlassWorks signed by Red Rose!

Red Rose Publishing has signed my paranormal romance novel, GlassWorks. RRP is a new publisher for me, and from what I've heard, a very exciting one. They work hard on promotion, and have developed a good reputation. They are holding onto Of Dragons at the moment. I'm hopeful they'll be considering it soon. I'm still anxious to fulfill my 2007 resolution: get as many of my manuscripts contracted as possible! At this point, the only uncontracted novels are Of Dragons, Relic, BloodWorks, BoneSong, and Art & Soul (click on them for links to an excerpt). All are out with publishers, so cross your fingers that I hear about them soon.

That's all at the moment, save for an excerpt: this one's from In Trysts
Any fears Sophie’d had of ghosts and specters vanished in that instant. There was no time to feed the chain back out through the gate—no time for anything. Demon was taking a shortcut, across graves and stones. He was no respecter of persons, living or dead. “He’s coming—!” Sophie shouted. Silence was no longer an issue. Her ex couldn’t have heard her over his untuned bike.
But Peri did, and it penetrated. “He” was coming, and in her brain, in this place, it could mean only one person—Jake.
And he was going to catch her—here, robbing the dead. His dead—stealing from his family. All the protestations in the world and all the good intentions wouldn’t fix this if he found her here.
Peri stuffed the piece of bent iron she’d brought for the purpose into the bronze doors’ elaborate lock, and twisted it with a harsh grinding clatter. The light from the motorcycle was coming at an angle now, and they were very nearly exposed. Already, a lion’s head next to Sophie’s was pooling black and glaring white.
Sense clicked back in, it seemed, with the clicking of the lock. Peri heaved open the right-hand door, booted the packs inside, then shoved Sophie in after them. She darted inside, as the light cleared the corner. As she closed it firmly behind them, the straying light was slit, then glimmer, and finally, a ghostlike memory in the muffled darkness.

Best wishes,
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