Thursday, February 08, 2007

Finished the painting!

Just finished my painting yesterday! My daughter and I went on holiday first, and had a marvellous time with another daughter, who lives halfway down the North Island (New Zealand, y'know). I'd forgotten how beautiful the trip could be, and we really enjoyed our stops in Te Kuiti and New Plymouth. Te Kuiti is an artsy little town, with interesting shops on the main street, which carry just about anything you could want (on a small scale), plus pieces by local artists. New Plymouth is a fully-developed mini city, because it's rather isolated, but it has a busy commercial centre sandwiched between beautiful beaches and Mt. Ruapehu, a volcano. We had fun wandering in N.P. and decided we wanted to come back for a week's holiday some time.

I didn't think I could paint any more - just haven't done it in so long - and I have a terrible photo on my website, but I wanted to post it there. I'm putting a larger version here. It's actually a scan (5 of them patched together), and you can't really see the brightness or glitter, but you can get the general idea. I'm so pleased to see I can still finish a piece of art! I didn't want to start another painting project, but made myself, and worked half an hour or so on another partially-completed piece.

Writing's my main duty at the moment. I'm rewriting for Five Star, and writing for Linden Bay Romance. Planning on churning out a couple of thousand words for LBR today, and at least a couple of chapters on ErRatic.


Cheers -
A mini excerpt (from Gilded Folly - coming out in paperback this July)
Gilded Folly
The woman dug frantically in the rich soil, the earthy scent making her shiver. There was an underlying sourness to the dampness, which spoke of death...

It's here. It has to be. This was where panicky instinct had led her.

More than intuition...

No. A bad dream. That's all it was. Sleepwalking again. Gritting her teeth, Glys forced herself to withdraw her hands—to fight against impulse. She knelt there, rigid with compulsion, and lifted her eyes to the moon.

It nearly choked her. The light was so cold it chilled to the bone, and gooseflesh rode reckless across her skin. Moonshadows gloomed everywhere, leached from the innocent silhouettes of tree and shrub.

One of those silhouettes was moving. Her breath caught, finishing what that frozen moon had begun. All rational thought fled in the face of need.

Her fingers tore at the soil once more, as she dug like a caged animal. Only one way lay freedom....

The next moment her fingers had closed on it and a wash of cold relief cleared her mind.
Then, for an instant only, she could see pursuit clearly, racing across the slope.

It's a dream...only a dream.

A nightmare.

The difference was, in this one, she could run.

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