Thursday, April 16, 2009

If I can get through 10 X articles, then I can get back to 2nd edits on Crystal Dreams. Still have Sqweams edits awaiting, too.
Plans for this morning? Find 5 more paleohydro articles, then actually analyze the d*mn things and begin prepping my annotated bibliography
Oh, nice 5 X * review for ErRatic came in. Made me feel a little less slack, LOL
Woke up at crusty hour of 4 a.m. Used up 2 hours AVOIDING researching paleohydrology for my report. Watched comedy show instead.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Business meeting yesterday with authors Yvonne Walus/Eve Summers and Jane Beckenham, to plan 2009 strategy
Also review edits, promo round to new groups + blogging. Plan: finish all this by 9:00 am to get in an hour of writing. 2500 words yesterday
Burnt Amethyst 2nd edits scheduled for today. Received Dink first edits yesterday.
Homo erectus now found to be 200,000 yrs older than originally thought. 2 populations of H. erectus in China?
Binges on chocolate during study? Mental math ability enhanced following consumption
Heat exchangers and metal hydrides (which can absorb hydrogen gas) are key factors in hydrogen car research
To add new synapses for learning, we must "clear space" in a finite brain. New research suggests sleep does this
Russian spacecraft delays landing due to floods at landing site. Space tourist gets an extra day in space
Trekkies: new Star Trek world premiere will be at the opera house in Sydney, Australia