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Interviewing Red Rose Author, Eve Summers

Interviewing Red Rose Author, Eve Summers
Q: Hello and welcome. Can you please tell us who Eve Summers is?
A: I am a writer who believes that words are the greatest aphrodisiac, and the best lover is the one who will play with your mind. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if he’s tall, dark in the expensive-chocolate way and extremely handsome.
Q: That sounds exactly like David, the hero in "Slave of my own desire", released today by Red Rose Publishing. Can you tell me more about him?
A: I love bad boys, so I knew from the beginning that he would be Bad, Trouble and Danger all in one. The theme of "Slave of my own desire" is "He will force you to do EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to do" so when writing the book, I had that sentence on a post-it by my computer. I also decided pretty early on to make it an interracial romance because of the potential for conflict that a mix of cultures usually provides.
Q: "Slave of my own desire" is a Halloween Romance. What does Halloween mean to David?
A: It reminds him that he's been hurt in love before and he's not going there ever again. Sex, yes. Love, no.
Q: What about the heroine?
A: She's bored with politically correct men who treat her with respect in the bedroom without bothering to get to know the real her. You know the old saying: treat me like a lady outside the bedroom, and not like a lady inside? That's what Clare from "Slave of my own desire" wants.
Q: What is Clare's secret passion... ok, no, I can't print that in a public forum. I'll rephrase that. What is Clare's secret passion outside the bedroom?
A: She loves playing poker: the risk, the bluffing, the bad boys. But, lol, I actually found a way of bringing Clare's passion for poker into the bedroom! (See excerpt for details.)
Q: Where can we buy the book?
A: It's an e-book and you can buy it at Red Rose Publishing, If you buy 4 books there, you go into the draw to win real diamond earrings. Wendi Felter, the owner of Red Rose, has this to say about the generous prize: "What says Romance better than diamonds?"
Q: DO not think about diamond earrings, do NOT think about diamond earrings.... Tell me what you think about e-books.
A: They are fabulous. Good for the trees, cheaper than paperback and you get them as soon as you pay for them. What can I say, I like instant gratification!
Q: So so our readers, and we've already delayed theirs, so without further distractions, let's have the poker excerpt.

EXCERPT (PG rated)

He’s gorgeous, but he doesn’t know the first thing about poker. Study your opponent, not your hand, my first boyfriend always told me. In poker, your cards are largely irrelevant: it’s the psychology of the bluff that matters.

Mr. Danger folds a few times, gets lucky with three sevens, then I make him fold. The heap of chips on his end of the bed is beginning to shrink, but he evens it out with a full house on which he bids hopelessly too low.

That’s when I get my four hearts, straight up. I discard the single spade and the replacement brings me the fifth to suit.

Excitement barely allows me to register that he’s thrown out one card too. His shoulders stoop when he inspects his new card. I’m guessing he must have been trying for a flush or a straight, and failed.

Now, as I said, in poker a good hand means nothing if your partner has rubbish, especially if he suspects that you have something better. So I stoop my shoulders too, just a fraction, and bite on my lip.

“I’m in,” he says cautiously. So he’s going for a bluff. Yes!

The betting is a slow affair, but eventually all the chips are in the game.

“I will see you,” I say as I lay down my hand. “I can’t wait to hear the name that comes before Danger.”

“I’m afraid you will have to wait for that,” says he, brandishing four tens.

I’m speechless. He bluffed me into thinking that he was bluffing. He had good cards all along.

“In poker, whether it’s Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi or Seven Card Stud, the most important rule to remember is Do Not Underestimate Your Opponent,” he says as he moves the pot to his side and stacks up the chips with a practiced hand. “Now, take off your stockings.”

“What -”


by Eve Summers

Red Rose Publishing
Erotic Romance: Interracial - Halloween

ISBN: 978-1-60435-110-1

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