Monday, February 18, 2008

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Working on review edits today, maybe a new Nocturne, my Lotus Circle WIP, and perhaps a bit of Hunter. That's actually too much for one day, but hey, I'll do what I can. I'd also like to get back into editing, so I have some submissions for the publishers.

Talk to you soon!

ND (Nocturne Bites) (Hunter - action/adventure, but really a fantasy)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

From Edits to Editorials

Valentine's Day Graphics

Valentine's Here, Valentine's There -
Our Valentine's Day was yesterday and we had heaps of fun. Dinner out last night, movies and candy afterwards. I seem to be content as long as I have something exciting to watch and something sweet between my lips. Love candy and ice cream and pie...

And cake frosting.

I finished my ghost story this week, and decided to name it "A Spirited Encounter". This is my first finished book for 2008, and I'm quite happy about it. I also finished a novella and want to get it re-written fairly quickly, so I can submit it to Nocturne's open submissions call. Definitely worth looking into if you're a writer, aspiring or established.

If you're seeking an agent, pop over to BookEnds this week, and pop in 100 words in the appropriate category. You never know what will transpire.

Cheers, and Happy, Happy!

WIP: From Haunted Houses to Haunted Mirrors

These are the themes of the two books I wrapped up this week: A Spirited Encounter and A Kiss for Luck. The latter is a novella than a book, but no matter. I wrote it in 4 days, so we'll see what I can do with it.

Other things: interviews and articles. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about my writing journal for Shelley Munro's blog, but there's a bit about my research on there, too, in the comments. Today, I participated in my weekly contribution to Tales of the Trade, which is a blog newly christened this week. With Red Rose Publishing, I've been hopping around like a mad thing, participating in promo. This is the most highly motivated group of authors I've ever met, and even though I've met some of them through other publishers, being with RRP works some kind of magic on us all. The action there never stops. I love it!

Free Clipart


Tempter (I may want to stick this in a book some time): Fusion may be the answer to our energy future, but the issue has always been one of containment. Magnetic fields haven't been sufficient to maintain the fusion reaction in the lab, so even though the reaction can be induced, the energy can't be contained. It was found recently that plasma flows along magnetic field lines and will even fuse when joining with another field line—in space! The reconnection of our Earth's magnetic field lines may provide the key to dealing with fusion down here. To read more, visit:

Save Your World: FAQS about donating blood (I want to thank all of you personally! You saved my life! How many other lives can you save this year?)

Now, an excerpt from one of my books - Light Play, methinks. Enjoy!

The woman stood quietly at the window, gazing unseeing at the day’s yellow glare. A sudden jolt stirred her from an unnatural stillness, and she turned away with a swift gasp of fear. “What next?” she wondered aloud.

Her dash from the room was halted by the recoiling of the cat, which cowered, hissing, near her feet.

The woman’s lips creased in a self-deprecating smile. “Damned cat,” she whispered, recalling yesterday’s words. “Which of us is damned now?”

The feline slunk away—hiding its tomcat’s boldness beneath spiky hair and flattened ears.

Angry with the cat’s reaction, the woman moved swiftly toward the far wall.

The cat—hidden now beneath a chair—dared a backwards glance, just in time to see the human figure drift through the solid plastered wood partition. He chased her departure with a bold yowl.

The walls echoed his cry, seeming to hold it for just a second too long. When it came back to his ears, the distorted wailing was no longer alone, but held the lonely misery of a human’s despairing sigh.

From Light Play


ND Melody

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